Affordable Website Marketing

Affordable Website Marketing

Today, anyone can build an outstanding website. In fact, there are about two billion websites on the internet, with fresh ones being launched every second. For this reason, your website should stand out among all this internet noise for you to draw visitors and prospective customers to your site and business.

But for most small and medium local businesses, they would want to achieve these stellar results on a budget. There are cheap ways to promote your website. You can try out some of these free and affordable Online marketing tactics for small businesses and watch your website traffic grow.

SEO Keywords

Most people turn to Google when looking for solutions to problems. If you play your cards well, google searched could be a great resource to your business. When your target audience search for something on Google, it is unlikely that they will go past the first page.

For your website to rank among the top results, you need to include the relevant keywords that your target audience uses when making google searches in your web pages. This is achievable through search engine optimization strategies, which entail optimizing your website for higher google ranking.

SEO is basic but a vital technique to apply in order to draw more visitors and prospective customers to your website and business. While SEO is highly cost-effective, you can do it by yourself and won’t have to pay a dime for it.

However, it is important to note that SEO is not a quick fix. It takes adequate time to master SEO techniques such as link building, page optimization and doing keyword research. For this reason, you might consider hiring an affordable SEO services company if your budget allows, or invest time to learn the tricks yourself.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been proved to be an effective communication tool between businesses and their customers, retaining existing customers, as well as finding and drawing new prospective clientele. This local business marketing technique involves collecting email addresses from all existing and potential business customers and sharing content such as promotional discounts, newsletters, and other information.

This is among the best ways to build relationships with your customer base. Email marketing is a great tool for drawing past website visitors by sharing new content or promotional offers. Email marketing has an average return on investment of $44 for every dollar you spend on this marketing method.

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click ads are another Affordable online marketing service that will help you harvest more visitors from google. However, this marketing technique requires a bit of capital investment, but the ROI is amazing, especially when you need instant results.

Instead of leaving your site’s ranking to chance, you can create an advertisement and pay a fixed premeditated price for every click you get when the ad shows up on search results or on other websites. The objective of this strategy is to see the clicks convert into customers, which could be a great return on investment.

Google Adwords is a great tool for Pay Per Click advertising, and since it does not place a specific spending requirement, you can operate within your budget and focus on ROI.

Connecting with Micro-Influencers

Your business may not be big enough to engage in celebrity endorsement, but you can always work with the mini-celebrity field. This involves connecting with people with high engagement levels with their niche followers and small circles of influence on social media.

Micro-influencers charge reasonably low fees for sponsored fees and could even offer a free promotion if you send them product samples. Contact Seekways for a free consultation and demo.

Affordable Website Marketing

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